It feels bittersweet to say this — TruStory is shutting down and returning the money to investors.

When TruStory first began, our ambition was massive. The team was ready to buckle down for the foreseeable future in order to ensure TruStory’s success.

Over the last 1.5 years, we did exactly…

Is Earth really round? Maybe we’re actually living on a pancake-shaped planet? Or perhaps it resembles a triangular prism?

These questions form the basis of a debate that has raged on for centuries. Many ancient civilizations subscribed to the belief that Earth is flat. …

I’m giving up on the pursuit of truth in favor of something more pragmatic:

Creating a safe space to debate.

Why am I doing this? Well, over the past year of building TruStory, something has become painfully clear — the problem with the Internet isn’t a lack of truth; it’s…

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An overview of key breakthroughs in blockchain technology — and why Nakamoto Consensus is such a big deal

Credit: Michael Roberts/Moment Open/Getty

Distributed systems can be difficult to understand, mainly because the knowledge surrounding them is distributed. But don’t worry, I’m well aware of the irony. While teaching myself distributed computing, I fell flat on my face many times. …

Now that I’ve finished raising the first funding round for my company TruStory, I’m looking back and thinking about all the things I wish I’d known going in… things I had to learn the hard way — and there’s a lot. …

I’m delighted to share that my company, TruStory, has raised a $3M seed round led by True Ventures with participation from Pantera Capital, Kindred Ventures, Homebrew, Coinbase Ventures, Wonder Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Ausum Ventures, Dream Machine (Alexia Tsotsis), and others. A number of stellar angels also joined the round, including…



Many of us are guilty of describing blockchains as “trustless” systems. However, I’ve come to realize that the term “trustless” is ambiguous, confusing, and most importantly, inaccurate.

Blockchains don’t actually eliminate trust. What they do is minimize the amount of trust required from any single actor in the system. They…


There’s no question that blockchain technology has enormous potential.

Decentralized exchanges, prediction markets, and asset management platforms are just a few of the exciting applications being explored by blockchain developers.

Exciting enough, in fact, to raise over billions in ICOs and drive massive price rallies throughout 2017. …

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: this is my last week in Silicon Valley.

This post is a personal one. Rather than sharing insights on Blockchain or Javascript, I’d like to walk through my inner journey the past few years.

It’s a journey that’s left me itching for change…

Preethi Kasireddy

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