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  • Jito Labs

    Jito Labs

    Solana MEV

  • Simon Brown

    Simon Brown

  • Florian Strauf

    Florian Strauf

    tech guy curious about investing, crypto, decentralization and technology in general.

  • Kseniya Lifanova

    Kseniya Lifanova

    Building smart contracts @ Upstate Interactive https://upstateinteractive.io

  • Noama Samreen

    Noama Samreen

    Sharing knowledge gained by experience and learning new things by researching in the simplest way possible.

  • David Hoffman

    David Hoffman

    Chief of Operations @realtplatform. The Ethereum side of @POVCryptopod. Bringing Ethereum to the world through writing and speaking. Read my medium👇🏼

  • Alex Beckett

    Alex Beckett

    Student. Writing about crypto

  • Audius


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